FUELAB Prodigy Model 41404 Carbureted Inline Fuel Pump – Cutting Edge Design with a Built-In Bypass Valve

41404 Pump The FUELAB Prodigy Model 41404 Carbureted Inline Fuel Pump was developed for racing, features a brushless motor for long-life and reliability, and can provide fuel for up to 1800HP. Model 41404 is a carbureted inline fuel pump featuring a built-in bypass valve - truly a cutting edge design. The bypass feature allows for a shorter and narrower (-6 size) fuel return line, and the pump’s inline configuration allows for a more clean and compact plumbing set-up than that of a “T-style” pump. Model 41404 is speed controllable to keep fuel cooler, and help avoid vapor lock and cavitation damage. This feature also enables the pump to be used on street driven vehicles. Compatible with Gasoline, E85, and Methanol fuels. For more information go to: https://fuelab.com/products/performance/prodigy-fuel-pumps/  

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