Fuelab 585xx Series Fuel Pressure Regulators Provide Racers with Ultimate Performance and Reliability

Fuelab 585xx Series Fuel Pressure Regulators585xx Series Regulator Cut-Away Final copy Collinsville, IL - Fuelab, the leaders in fuel delivery innovation, announce their latest development in superior fuel pressure regulator performance and reliability. Fuelab 585xx Series Fuel Pressure Regulators combine advanced features and increased functionality to provide the ultimate precision instrument for fuel pressure regulation. The four outlet port regulators are engineered to deliver extremely high flow rates and a flattened curve for pressure stability. Featuring an anodized billet aluminum body, the regulators use an aerospace poppet valve design to provide smooth regulating capability and maximized flow. They operate within a 4-10 psi pressure range, and an adjustment mechanism with fine thread pitch allows for precise fuel pressure adjustment. A methanol and E85 compatible soft seat avoids fuel pressure creep. This main seat assembly can be quickly exchanged in case of seat damage such as debris, and can be disassembled for replacement of the o-rings in the soft-seat design.  Features dual 10AN inlet ports, and four 6AN outlet ports arranged inline for cleaner installation, and with port spread that allows for smooth fuel flow when using an 8AN line size. Fuelab 585xx Series Fuel Pressure Regulators are perfect for single stage and multi-stage nitrous applications, and are compatible with gas, diesel, methanol and E85 fuels.

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